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James Colozzo

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“You Got To Do What You Got To Do”

My Experience Taking Care Of My Parents For Over Twenty Years

The story of a son who cared for his elderly parents,

the way it affected his life and how his experience is a challenge for Baby Boomers to Millennials.

Publish Date: April 2016


565 Pages

Price: $21.99

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James Colozzo

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Over twenty years ago I made the decision to take care of my mom and dad. This was a life changing decision and it forced me to do things that I thought I would never or could do. My father became ill first with a very aggressive disease. It was a learning and terrifying experience at the same time. After my father died I took care of my mother part time until my mother woke up and said she could not stand up. On that day my life changed forever. She could no longer be left alone and needed twenty-four hour care. This lasted until her death in 2013. Eighteen years of my life was spent taking care of my mother and almost fourteen of those years were twenty-four hours a day.

Most people only think of the daily routines is all you need to do to take care of a parent. There is a lot more to being a caregiver than just feeding your parent dinner and it’s a tremendous responsibility. This is also the story of how much my life was affected and changed forever after I made the decision to care for my parents. You never hear about the aftermath of the caregiver and what happened to their life after they no longer had to care for a parent. For me it has been extremely difficult trying to put my life back together.