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For most of his life James Colozzo has been self-employed and experienced in numerous areas and skills.

James was also the full-time caregiver for his Father and Mother for over 20 years and published a book about that experience, “You Got To Do What You Got To Do.”

James has also recently developed a product called the StorageJimmy Theft Deterrent Over Lock to protect garage door hasps from being easily compromised. Went nowhere but still hoping.

In 2023 Mr. Colozzo came up with the idea of “An Old Timer's Opinion.” It is website of his opinions on current events. His opinions are a reality check based on common sense.

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About Me

James Colozzo

Author, Old Timer & Store Owner

After years of working in the grocery industry James Colozzo became a self-employed video system designer and also operated a mail order video supply and repair business. In the late 1980’s he made the decision to take care of his dad and mom when they got ill. He spent so much time taking care of his parents that he had to close his business. He then made a living by doing handyman work and selling items online but soon even that was impacted. James spent over twenty years of his life caring for his father and mother and almost fourteen of those years were 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In 2016 Mr. Colozzo wrote a book about his caregiving experience, “You Got To Do What You Got To Do.” Available on Amazon, it is an international seller and is a collection of situations, procedures and techniques from his caregiving experience. Being a caregiver was a life changing experience that affected James forever.

James was doing some work at a mini storage facility and the video system recorded thieves breaking into units using a small bolt cutter they had in a back pack. Since James Colozzo had years of experience in the video industry the owners asked if he could look at the security video and make some still images for the police. It was a simple task and he was able to supply the police with very good images of both vandals and they were arrested and went through the legal system.

James Colozzo used his troubleshooting and problem solving skills and immediately knew how the thieves were breaking into storage units with a strong disc lock. Mr. Colozzo was ready to launch the StorageJimmy Theft Deterrent Over Lock in 2020 when the Covid 19 pandemic struck the country. In early 2023 James was again ready to launch his theft deterrent overlock, unfortunately he was not able to afford the high cost of product liability insurance. Stung by that fact, Mr. Colozzo decided to sell his product idea to companies that make similar products. That too turned out to be a bust because with the contracts forwarded by companies they stated, if you submit it, they own it. The product idea was shelved.

Needing to survive, he started applying for several jobs. Unfortunately being self-employed for over 40 years does not help when people want to verify job history, James never received any responses. With the thought of having his life completely destroyed because of new state laws and rules governing self-employment and handyman services, Mr. Colozzo came up with the idea of “Ask A Old Timer” with over 45 years of experience and knowledge from an old timer that worked in many areas over his lifetime. The idea is based on the old fashioned way people have been paying for advice for many years. In the old days you had a cup of coffee with someone that had knowledge and you were seeking advice. If you needed more advice you had a piece of pie with the coffee as you picked the brain of an experienced old timer. He would answer your questions until you understood. If the answer really helped you out, the next time you saw the old timer you bought him something extra.

I spent a lot of time drinking coffee and having a piece of pie with an old timer.

Now it’s my turn. By purchasing a Question and Answer or Something Extra you are helping an old timer support himself.